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The Happy Coder :)

December 7, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m so happy today because I solved a problem earlier.. I also managed to customize a downloaded code from the internet (so much for opensource), thanks to Google Brainstorm (new feature huh? I just made thaat 😛 ). I’m trying to parse an rss feed and I noticed there is a particular tag that needs to be fetched. Oh well another geeky stuff.. hahaha
Why I’m parsing feeds today? It’s not because I’m hungry or something crazy .. We’ll I’m a bit crazy doing something now. Actually I’m planning to launch a website next year and I’m preparing the resources.. Like engine parts and all that geek thing. And I’m happy I’m doing progress 🙂 I hope this would be successfull. I need to study more. Sorry I’m I sound a bit geeky. I just can’t help smile on my way home 🙂