A New Friend For Coders

For all of those who are interested in programming, or other computer-related stuffs, I am introducing to you a new website you might want to visit. The name is Coder’s Friend,  a site that aims to teach and share knowledge to beginners or experts alike in the world of development. Members can also publish their own tutorials, or participate in our community forums.

If you would like to visit the website, here is the link

Coder’s Friend


The Happy Coder :)

I’m so happy today because I solved a problem earlier.. I also managed to customize a downloaded code from the internet (so much for opensource), thanks to Google Brainstorm (new feature huh? I just made thaat 😛 ). I’m trying to parse an rss feed and I noticed there is a particular tag that needs to be fetched. Oh well another geeky stuff.. hahaha
Why I’m parsing feeds today? It’s not because I’m hungry or something crazy .. We’ll I’m a bit crazy doing something now. Actually I’m planning to launch a website next year and I’m preparing the resources.. Like engine parts and all that geek thing. And I’m happy I’m doing progress 🙂 I hope this would be successfull. I need to study more. Sorry I’m I sound a bit geeky. I just can’t help smile on my way home 🙂

Squidoo Hidden Rss URL for Users

This is the rss link of all the post of a certain user.. It’s hidden, (I wonder why) but here it is anyway

Just change username with your username or the person’s username you want to subscribe to..
I used this pattern to post a feed on the widget bar on this blog.

If you don’t know what squidoo is, I’d like you to try it. It’s a place where you can write stuffs and earn money

here’s the link

I’ve earned a lot from this site 😀



That does it. Right now I’m having some slight fever… It’s my third day here in the office,, we were not allowed to go home yet.. (.. I’m stinking here)
Were on a deadline on our current project so we should stay until it’s done. I think I’m getting sick.. or was this what Jonathan Harker in Dracula called, brain fever.. when you go sleepless and keep on using your head.. I don’t even think I’m getting productive with this because I feel like I’m losing something or as if there’s some sort of damage.  I also feel like my vision is getting blurred.. oh .. I hope they’d let us go home today.. I really need some sleep .. (and bath too :p)
But hey, it’s part of the career anyway.. I just hope I could get home.. Maybe I’d be taking a rest tomorrow.. I’m feeling dizzy now.. I feel like my brain is swelling now..
That’s all for now, happy blogging! 🙂