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Opening the Box

September 26, 2010 4 comments

I wont be mentioning the names of the characters, organization, and the products as well on this post(like what they did). I have no purpose to damage the reputation of any products or products I will be pertaining to. To those who I will be describing they know who they are and it would be up to them to tell you. This blog is Open for any comments and suggestions

Last September 23, 2010, I posted some messages on my groups page in facebook. The posts were criticisms to a certain kind of product that is currently being endorsed in the market. An alumnus of our school spotted my post and found it opposing to his ideology. (or did he take it as an insult for himself). He posted this long comment which contained his lengthy explanation.
However, the comment was deleted due to the manner of his post which seemed impolite and offensive. His comment started with the lines, “who’s the administrator of this group?” along with his explanations and insults ending with “Don’t pretend to know-it-all” (wag kang mag marunong). Since I was the administrator of the groups and the message was trying to oppose the person not the topic(which I don’t find whenever I visit forum sites even in flame wars), I had to delete the message since I depicted insults. It’s not that I’m trying to show superiority but anything posted there is my responsibility. I will be doing this when I am going to create my own forums site and there is nothing wrong with that because even moderators do that.
Anyway, it seems that guy seemed to have taken my action offensive then posted this on his wall (in case you might not understand the language, you can use google translator, some languages are in Filipino):

The person who thoughtfully posted this on his wall is currently a respected officer of a certain organization, which I used to admire and planned to join on that particular group after graduation. He was also the former Central Student Council of our school and a class president as well. He has also appeared on a newspaper which is proudly displayed on our school up to now. He might have more achievements than we know(better ask him for a list). I used to that, He had everything. But now, I might add to that statement that he had everything except… (Well, it’s not worth thinking about)

Almost everyone I knew who saw this found it barbaric. Deleting his comment is not enough to mention my full name and tell his ‘organization’ and the world how dim-witted I am because of what I have said. Well, it seems that they were trying to cover what they mentioned on the seminar. I did not mention them but they say that no one in their ‘community’ said that. But we were all sure that he said that and we were not having an imagination.

What is more surprising that his another member of the organization responded. She is also an alumni and used to be our class president, and we were also at the same year level, although I am still studying because I am an irregular student due to my shifting of course before. Like my former attacker, she posted something just to insult my character. On the post, you might see her calling be a brainless greedy person. She took my joke ‘I want money seriously’. I really didn’t find any sense on that so did my colleagues. Well she apologized for her actions on a private message, I just hope she does that on public. I also used to respect her although now I can see colors come to overlap. Although at some point I try to understand her since it seems that she does not know what really is going on.
The third person was the bigatin(giant) of the clan. Highly respected officer of the union they are part of. Although I am not sure what he’s position is, he was the main administrator of the previous seminar we attended discussing that particular product. I also have an autograph of him(certificate) from the recent seminar we attended. :p What makes him disappointing is when he said (although indirectly) that I lacked sense of history. I’ve been an enthusiast in the field they are advocating and I’ve read many news, old magazines, though outdated but still part of history anyway.

They spoke as if I was an evil person, as if I was a threatput their organization down, although I never mentioned it. They opposed my character, not my message. Maybe they were right. Maybe it was wrong for me to purchase on of their charity-founding badge. Maybe it was brainless for me to have a copy of their product to be distributed to our campus. Maybe it had been a been a big mistake keep the freedoms they thought me in mind. They lacked freedom of speech and abused the power of technology by means of virtual anarchy. They’ve also committed character assassination. So I simply apologized for them. I am beginning to be embarrassed, not for what I did, but for them. If they don’t feel it, well, I feel embarrassed for them. Come to think of it, they are highly respected people. and I know I cannot win from them no matter what I do… but still I cannot lose.

They know what they did and I don’t think I need to let them know since they’re not worth telling. Now that I’ve opened Pandora’s Box, I’ve unleashed their true colors. I now have a reason not to join the organization which I used to think it would be a wise choice.

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