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New Page Added

July 19, 2011 1 comment

hi just made a new page,, but I’m still working on it ..
you can check on the menu Earn Money.. It contains list of the sites I’ve joined

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That does it. Right now I’m having some slight fever… It’s my third day here in the office,, we were not allowed to go home yet.. (.. I’m stinking here)
Were on a deadline on our current project so we should stay until it’s done. I think I’m getting sick.. or was this what Jonathan Harker in Dracula called, brain fever.. when you go sleepless and keep on using your head.. I don’t even think I’m getting productive with this because I feel like I’m losing something or as if there’s some sort of damage.  I also feel like my vision is getting blurred.. oh .. I hope they’d let us go home today.. I really need some sleep .. (and bath too :p)
But hey, it’s part of the career anyway.. I just hope I could get home.. Maybe I’d be taking a rest tomorrow.. I’m feeling dizzy now.. I feel like my brain is swelling now..
That’s all for now, happy blogging! 🙂

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How to Survive Android Development

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment
  • Think your program before you compile
  • Think Mobile
  • Eat Food while working
  • Participate in Discussions.
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Antitrust Intro (Hackers 3)

September 4, 2010 Leave a comment
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The Ultimate Program

March 30, 2009 2 comments

There are times I have wondered, is the Ultimate Program possible happen? And if it does, how would this work.

When Albert Einstein discovered the formula for the Ulimate Energy, which we know as “Mass times the Speed of Light”, there had been a change in histor. His discovery led to the destruction of two cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. An American scientist has said that the atomic bomb was man’s greatest invention since the invention of firemaking*.(But as for me, I still prefer electricity because technology would not go this far without that and the atomic bomb did nothing good.)

Even in movies, they sometimes tell us some of the ultimate things in nature. An example of this is in the Perfume. Here in this movie, the main character discoveres the Ultimate Scent out of his murdered victims. The perfume was so powerful that it could mesmerize anyone who smells it.

So back to our program. Is this really possible to happen? And what would this program look like and how would it function?

Viruses are veru common today. It might be possible that this program could be a virus since it spreads easily like wildfire†. The proposal made by me and one of my classmates is that this program would be something that would controll the human mind. This sounds as evil as whats in the perfume, speads easily and controlls the mind. If someone so smart and evil would create a program like this, something that will run on any OS, destroying anyones will. Yes I know this concept is very evit but what if that really happens.

If you have any onther idea about this Ultimate Program thing, please post them here. This topic could be a bit startling…

* America’s Old World Frontier, Thomas D. Clark
† hey, isn’t that JAVA’s on first issue on the newspaper? hope thay don’t mind if I borrow this line

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February 11, 2009 2 comments

Malapit na yung valentines ah!.. may kadate ka na ba?…
Ako? Wala na akong pakialam dun… haha

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The JS Prom Nightmare

February 11, 2009 1 comment

Six young men in pain,
One night almost caused them to be insane.
For their love will they ever gain?
Because things aren’t always the same.

Gian is the name of the first guy
In which he want to die.
I’ll tell that later, don’t ask me why,
He’s dismayed by two girls, Elizabeth and Tashay.

A tall and smart guy Eric is,
Almost have gotten his most awaited bliss.
If it wasn’t for his friend who interrupted his “Miss”,
He should have gotten his last dance with a kiss.

Well, that’s part of our hormone.
BTW, this is Tyrone
Who had a different situation
Which means the Prom Night was his satisfaction.

The prom night wasn’t that wild
Just like our friend Roy who got wild
The prom night proved that he was no longer a child
However, his heart got exiled.

Anyone heard of a heartthrob heartbroken?
Well, this guy’s name is Raymond N.
Who hadn’t got a last dance a minute before eleven,
Too bad, she’s already taken!

There’s one young man named Alemars,
Whose house obtained many scars,
Where his friends stayed up for long hours
On the night full of stars

In Alemar’s house they spent their night,
Trying to forget the things they sight.
Even though as well as they might,
They still couldn’t help but fight.

After watching a movie came he fun,
It’s sill dark, there’s no sun.
Tyrone got asleep, he’s gone,
While Gian aggressively drank some.

As the night went on before dawn,
A lot of drinking went on and on
Except for Roy, Eric and Tyrone,
Who stayed sober while getting along.

Gian, feeling sorry, had the most juice,
As if he challenged himself and ended up with a truce.
Being intoxicated and all,
Whom neither of us had a ball.

Gian along with Raymond puked simultaneously,
As Roy and the others laughed with glee.
They messed up Alemar’s place carefree,
Our inflated bed got stained with puke’s debree.

Lying on the couch, Gian was the first
To give up to the intoxicating drink
He messed the couch pretty bad
Good thing Alem’ didn’t become mad.

Gian still needed assistance from the others and Eric,
As they felt afraid someone would find out.
What crime Gian had committed,
That evidences may arise be indicated.

It was a horrible sight to see him soaked in his own vomit
I’d really want to stay away. Damnit!
We had to carry him to the bathroom,
His face is much the remnants of gloom.

Next was Raymond lying beside me,
Man, it sure wasn’t pretty.
Unexpected to vomit suddenly,
Good thing he was good at dodging debree.

In the bathroom there it was,
The climax from all Raymond’s stomach fuzz.
Puke vomited he had unleashed,
Fury was released like the beast.

Then after that was Gian again,
Saying his crush’s beloved name.
When he didn’t have an opportunity to dance with Elizabeth Constantino,
Kept on blaming what he didn’t do.

It was up to Roy and Eric,
To comfort the broken hearted.
As Tyrone sound asleep in bed,
Having no care as if he’s dead.

They both had a hard time in caring for them,
But it was a learning experience.
Our bond had become even tighter,
This proved to be a good thing.

Almost all of us stood up all night till four,
It was time for Gian to get back to sleep in the floor.
The guy who had vomit and all,
Was lying on the as if he had to brawl.

Roy didn’t had any proper sleep,
So did Eric coz of Gian’s weep.
We all had taken a sad trip,
Almost all of us went flip.

Reminiscing the night before,
Doesn’t bring altogether bore.
We may never speak this misfortune anymore,
Down to this story’s very core.

Maybe someday someone would discover this,
It may not bring them eternal bliss.
But they may learn from this,
That they shouldn’t go to our waterloo and abyss.

This may give a good example to other people.
Telling them about an unfortunate fall.
This wasn’t meant to be at all,
Things got a little bit out of control.

There are more words that could describe this endure,
To whom who ever will read, it’ll end w/ valor.
The future is waiting next door,
For this poem is sure to be asked for…

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